Kenya Kwanza Economic Forum in West Pokot County.


Kenya Kwanza has held its economic forum in West Pokot County as thousands of Kenya Kwanza supporters turned up to give out their views on improving the economic status of the County.

Deputy President William Ruto who was anticipated to grace over the event sent speaker of the national assembly Justine Muturi and Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen to represent him during the economic forum chapter.

Speaking after listening to the views of the residents the leaders castigated President Uhuru Kenyatta for plunging the country into a hard economic crisis and sidelining his Deputy Ruto in his leadership.

Speaker Muturi slammed President Kenyatta for supporting Azimio adding that their campaigns are held in offices rather than getting to the grass root level to get views from the common mwananchi 

He noted that he asked President Kenyatta what the mistakes for his Deputy President Ruto were.

“He needs to tell us Ruto’s mistakes before he retires. They were elected on one ticket and if there is a mistake he needs to tell us.” He said.

He said he has no powers to sack his Deputy because they were joined on the hip and were elected on one ticket.

“If the handshake brought a problem he has to be bold enough and tell us. Kenyans will decide for themselves whom they will vote for.” He said.

He said in Mount Kenya they will vote massively for UDA slamming the Azimio brigade for not being in a position to sell itself in the region.

“Azimio is like a toilet no one wants to be associated with it. No matter how they rebrand ODM they won’t get votes in Mount Kenya.” He said.

Senator Murkomen said the Azimio team is after changing the constitution but the Kenya Kwanza are after changing the locals on the grass root level and empower them economically.

He noted that insecurity problem among the pastoralists communities has hampered development.

Murkomen said the insecurity problem has to be solved through a martial plan of bringing development in the Kerio Valley region adding that insecurity won’t be solved through a forceful operation.

“The Azimio team has no agenda but is after spreading false propaganda. If they are in the government why are they allowing operation to go on in West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet. They should stop fooling us.” He said.

He slammed the local leaders affiliated to Azimio adding that they have failed to initiate development and are just hiding in Azimio for kickbacks and comedy.

“Vote for UDA leaders so that we can empower women and other small traders. We need numbers in Senate we want to get 30 Senators so that we give humble time to the Deputy President Ruto when he will be the president.” He said.

He urged leaders to conduct peaceful campaigns and avoid incitement.

“Don’t follow up village formed parties that are going nowhere. Kenya Kwanza holds you at heart vote all UDA leaders starting from the MCA to the President for you to benefit in the next government.” He said.

Simon Kachapin vying for West Pokot gubernatorial position on UDA ticket said he will rally behind the Deputy President Ruto and martial votes for him.

He said the County needs to be economically empowered slamming the current governor for failing to develop it.

MP Kacheliba Mark Lomunokol said the government has to address the issue of insecurity in the pastoral Counties to boost economic activities in the country.

Lomunokol termed President Uhuru and some of the Azimio leaders for being traitors citing that he has dumped his Deputy after he supported him in 2013 and 2017.

All UDA leaders in West Pokot County were present during the forum that was held at Kishaunet show ground.