Kenyans should elect leaders who have them in mind

A campaign rally in Kenya.Kenyans should elect leaders who have them in mind.

As 2017 general elections are approaching politicians are busy brain storming on a solution to ensure that they maintain their position or acquire entry into the positions that have been eyeing for those who want to join politics or want to rise to other positions.

Others have gone to an extend of getting back to schools so that they get the papers required for the positions they want lest they be rulled out for lacking the cirtificates that meet the election standards set.

Political opium is very strong to Kenyans and this addiction is making us to elect bad leaders who have turned to be ogre in the society.

A campaign rally in Kenya.Kenyans should elect leaders who have them in mind.

The effort of Kenyans to better their living standard is being undermined by self centered leaders who think that when people are empowered economically they can’t use them as a ladder to get into power.

Political brokers are keenly launching propaganda missiles which will enable them to maneuver into political arena without constraints.

The former president of Kenya Daniel Moi once said that politics is a dirty game, but on other hand it’s a battle of wilt, and only the brave reap the fruits.

As wanainchi, we are used to the normalcy and afraid of change so we end up making the same mistakes when it comes to electing our leaders. We don’t elect leader basing on past record but we are swayed with gift and false promises, and it has become a culture to Kenyans politics and Africa at large.

We have failed to elect visionary leaders instead we have give chance to wolves to be keepers of sheep.

Also political parties have become personal properties a home of sycophants and power brokers who are puppets and slaves to their boss, once you appear to be threat they use all means to ensure that you are kicked out, to perpetuate loyalty to their political masters.

No single party in Kenya has held its nomination transparently and this has been denying equal opportunities of nominating competent leaders, leaders that the common mwananchi can trust with their resources.

In a country where Democracy is fully exercised, a politician cannot easily manipulate people to gain support, but the politician’s policy and strategy will determine their political strength and survival.

The ball is thrown to me and you, us who are voters, us who elect the leaders we want should be cautious and vigilant so that we vote in leaders who will bring change and boost the economic developments that will make Kenya to realize the vision 2030, Kenyas national long-term development blue-print aiming to transform Kenya into an industrializing, middle-income country providing high quality of life to all its citizens.