Kenyans have nothing to smile about after 59 years of self rule

Boda boda operators
Boda boda operators

As Kenya marks 59 years in commemoration on the day that it attained internal self rule after being a British colony, many Kenyans especially the business community have nothing to smile at following the economic hardships they are experiencing.

Unlike recent years, where shops were closed business came to a standstill to celebrate the day its vice versa because Kenyans no longer value national holidays  and have to open their businesses just to get something to keep them going.

Mama Florence Situma who operates a small hotel in Marell Bungoma and who turned 59 years this year says since she was born she has nothing to smile about because the celebrations are no longer meaningful.

She says during their days such holidays were colourfully celebrated, they would dance during the celebrations and even gifted by the leaders whom they entertained.

Mama Flo baking mandazi
Mama Flo baking mandazi

“Since morning I have not sold anything or received a customer, I don’t know how my Madaraka Day will end,” said devastated mama Florence who was busy preparing mandazi

“It’s a pity nowadays politicians have taken the centre stage of benefitting themselves leaving the common mwananchi desperate,” she added

She also said during this campaign period, its sad politicians are dividing the common mwananchi as they drive in big tinted machines seeking for votes and disappear after getting what they want.

She has urged Kenyans to vote wisely and eliminate all self centered politicians who have no vision for this country.

Boda boda operators have brushed the national Madaraka holiday saying they have nothing to smile about but would rather fend for their families than sit a whole day then at the end of the day have nothing for their families.

This is the last Madaraka during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure as the country heads to the August polls.