Kenyans to enjoy cheaper internet access as Safaricom partners with Google

A customer being served by Safaricom staff
A customer being served by Safaricom staff

Safaricom and Google have entered a partnership to enable Kenyans access a variety of entertainment, education, sports and news content available on YouTube.

The new partnership will see Safaricom offer a cheaper Kshs 10 data bundle to ensure that no one is left behind by the vibrant digital transformation brought about by social distancing amidst the ongoing Covid-19 19 pandemic.

First time subscribers will get free 80MBS for YouTube use as an offer for the first day which is equivalent to up to 30 minutes of standard definition streaming and up to an hour of low definition streaming. The bundle will be available for 90 days from 15th May 2020 to 13th August 2020.

“Through this proposition, we want to leverage our extensive 4G coverage to ensure that customers who could not previously enjoy the power of the internet can access a new world of content in an affordable manner from the comfort of their phones. With as little as 10 shillings, customers can now learn a new skill, attend virtual concerts or keep up with their favorite local content,” said Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa.

This announcement follows the service provider’s (Safaricom) partnership with Google to provide a Kshs 20 a day 4G smart phone package aimed at empowering customers currently on 2G devices to upgrade and enjoy high speed internet connectivity.

Marriam Abdullahi, director Androids and platforms partnership for Africa says “We are excited about this partnership with Safaricom that will make data more affordable to users in Kenya who in this current situation are looking for affordable ways to stay connected, informed and entertained. This partnership will provide Kenyans the opportunity to go to YouTube daily to watch their favourite shows, listen to music, learn a skill or develop their passion with the millions of content available without the hassle of thinking of their data.” Customers can access the YouTube bundle by dialling *544#.