Kenyans to urged seek health services; Many scared to visit hospitals due to Covid-19

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during his assessment visit to Kisii County. Photo/MoH

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has urged Kenyans to do away with the fear of visiting health facilities. He said due to the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic, Kenyans have opted to stay away from hospitals, thinking they may be infected once they visit the health facilities, adding that Covid-19 patients are being discriminated against and stigmatized. “Our health facilities across the country are open to handle other cases besides Covid-19 and we continue to encourage Kenyans to take advantage of our health services,” he said.

The CS, who was speaking during a visit to Kisii County, said protocols have been developed to ensure isolation is done right, “In all our health facilities we’ve taken measures not to mix the Covid-19 cases with other patients.” He cited the devastating effect in Italy, when Covid-19 patients were mixed with normal patients in hospitals without proper separation, causing further deaths.

The CS also urged Kenyans to eat healthy foods, since they boost one’s immunity and that helps fight against infections. On his part, Health Director General Dr. Patrick Amoth dispelled the suggestion that ginger, lemon and honey can be used to cure the Coronavirus. He, however, acknowledged the vitamins and macro nutrients they provide, “I’ll not stop you from taking your ginger, your honey, or your lemon as many times as you want but for sure it’s not a treatment for Covid-19.”