Kenyans urged to do medical check ups


Kenyans have been urged to regularly visit hospitals to check on their health status. Speaking at Chebukutumi health Center in Sirisia Sub County after board of management elections, Sirisia Sub County hospital administrator Mr. David Mukhaye said people wait until they reach an extent of collapsing so that they seek for medical services. Mukhaye added that there are chronic diseases taking over the world saying there is need for people to regularly go for check up and understand their status.

“We have chronic diseases like cancer, AIDS, hepatitis B among others that needs screening and early treatment, let us not wait until it’s too late so that we can rush to hospital” said Mr. Mukhaye.

He thanked the county government under the ministry of health for equipping hospitals and health centers in Sirisia Sub County pointing out Sirisia hospital that has benefitted a lot.
The hospital administrator also appealed to the residents to register with National Health Insurance Fund and get treatment cover at an affordable price.

On other hand, Chebukutumi Heath center nurse in charge Mrs. Carolyn Wakoli urged pregnant women to visit doctor regularly as recommended for their own good and unborn babies.