Kenyans urged to observe traffic rules during festive season

Police IG Hillary Mutyambai speaking to the press
Police IG Hillary Mutyambai speaking to the press

Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai has sounded a warning to Kenyans during this festive season, noting that any excess passengers in PSVs will be arrested. In a move that shifts from the norm, PSVs crews won’t face the penalties, “Any excess in any PSVs, in effect from today, we’ll deal with the passengers as individuals. If you are found at our roadblock, it does not matter at what point, the vehicle will continue with those who are seated.”

Speaking to the press on Thursday, he said that 3,396 people have lost their lives through road accident since January 2019, and 98% of crashes are attributed to human behavior, including loss of control, over speeding, indiscipline, overloading and dangerous overtaking.

NTSA Director General George Njau, who was also present, said stringent measures have been put in place during this festive season. “During this period, NTSA in collaboration with the National Police Service will intensify road safety public education campaigns and put in place evidence based enforcement interventions. Of great focus will be to ensure all drivers and passengers comply with the requirements and abide by traffic laws,” he said.

Kenyans have been urged to observe the traffic requirements as they celebrate the festive season. On the other hand motorists have been advised to plan ahead to avoid the common last minute rush and check the mechanical soundness of their vehicles in good time.

Written by Elias Wekesa