Kenyans urged to seek medical help when mentally ill

Tunu Ng'endo on West TV during Staftahi show
Tunu Ng'endo on West TV during Staftahi show

Kenyans from all walks of life are being asked to embrace mental health as a key component to their well being.

Tunu Ng’endo, a counseling psychologist says mental health is as important as physical health, asking Kenyans to be open to help from counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other practitioners in that field when faced with mental health illnesses and disorders.

She says most Kenyans only seek help when the condition is almost out of hand and that complicates treatment a bit.

‘’If someone gets injured, let us say in an accident, they invest a lot in their treatment, but he/she is hesitant to spend as much on his/her mental health.’’ Stated Ng’endo

‘’Mental health is not an option, it is very necessary. Most of the customers come in wakati vitu zimekuwa too much, ‘’she adds.

Tunu Ng'endo, a counselling psychologist in  West TV studios
Tunu Ng’endo, a counselling psychologist in West TV studios

            Factors leading to increased cases of mental illnesses?

Speaking on West TV’s breakfast show West TV Staftahi on the topic Mental Health, Tunu who is a mental health practitioner in Bungoma County, noted that mental illnesses were on the increase in recent times due to the hard economic times, divorce and other marriage and related issues, biological reasons, chronic ailments and  chemical imbalances in our bodies.

She also noted that some mental illnesses were hereditary.

‘’Some of these mental illnesses can be inherited from a generation to a generation.’’

She went on to mention some of the common mental illnesses, ranging from anxiety, bipolar and depression.

The counseling psychologist highlights some of the common signs that may indicate one is mentally ill.

‘’When is mentally ill he/she lacks motivation at his/her workplace, is extremely sad, develops a faulty relationship with friends and family, becomes violent and fast to anger and develops new abnormal traits and behaviors,’’ Tunu stated.

She adds that one can resort to drunkenness and drug abuse, noting that addiction is a major mental illness sign.

The mental health practitioner goes further to mention persistent headache, increased or reduced body weight, very high or lack of appetite as some health signs that may indicate one is mentally ill.

What are the general remedies to mental illness?

Miss Ngéno asks Bungoma county residents and Kenyans as a whole to embrace body exercises and healthy relationships as ways of preventing mental illnesses.

She, however, notes that not all forms of mental illnesses can be prevented.

She noted that mental illness can lead to death and thus should be taken seriously.

‘’The most important thing is for society to show kindness to those affected by mental illness and encourage them to seek help from experts,’’ she said.

‘’Our doors are wide open and I encourage people to reach out to us,’’ she concluded.