KEPSA, Educate Global partner to support women-owned businesses

A trader at a market
A trader at a market

Women-owned enterprises are set to benefit from the partnership between Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and entered Educate Global (EG), a private equity manager focused on impact investments in midsized businesses in the Food, Health and Education sectors with the aim of building resilience of value chains in essential industries.

Educate global will work with KEPSA management and it’s gender and youth board as part of it’s commitment to the Billion Dollar Fund for Women, to build the investment potential of Women-owned enterprises related to Food, Health and Education sectors.

Apart from working with KEPSA Gender and Youth Sector Board, Educate Global will also be working with the KEPSA Business Hub to roll out the EG Rapid Technical Assistance Response Team Initiative to interested businesses in the Food, Health and Education sectors within KEPSA’s member base. ‘‘We are extremely excited to partner up with KEPSA in rolling out our Rapid Technical Assistance initiative and building a process where we will be able to reach out to many more Women-owned businesses with a view to strengthen their readiness for investments in the near future.’’ said Sandrine Henton, Investment Director at Educate Global.

Educate Global has established a Rapid Technical Assistance response team that seeks to coordinate technical assistance for businesses at the forefront of responding to COVID-19 in Food, Health and Education, as a result of covid19 pandemic plus the damages caused by the pandemic to business and economies across East Africa