Kerio Valley bandits list of shame issued after renewed banditry, cattle theft.

Residents during a peace meeting
Residents during a peace meeting

Leaders and residents from West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet and Baringo Counties have named and shamed bandits involved in banditry and cattle rustling activities and wreaking havoc in Kerio valley region.

A syndicate of 12 suspected bandits, four from each county were on Wednesday shamed in public during a peace meeting between West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet and Baringo Counties leaders  with the security  team   hence their names forwarded to the Directorate Criminal  Investigation [DCI]  for action to be taken upon them.

This comes after renewed banditry and cattle rustling activities in the area.

It is now close to two years after the Chesegon peace accord which was witnessed by Deputy President William Ruto.

The leaders,led by Sigor Member of Parliament Mr. Peter Lochakapong and his Marakwet East Counterpart Mr. Kaangogo Bowen  the leaders came up with resolutions  for a total ceasefire in the area.

The leaders issued a seven day  ultimatum to  cattle rustlers who had stolen livestock two weeks ago from Tiaty ,Elgeyo Marakwet and West Pokot areas to surrender them  so that they can be handed back to  the owners before the next meeting scheduled for 2nd  June.

They said that they will not allow or spare few criminals distorting peace in the area.

The   leaders called on criminals destabilizing peace in the area to surrender themselves to the police.

Lochakapong noted that they want to get a solution to insecurity and continue to derail development in the area.

“We know all of them .We have been given all their names and we have given names to DCI for investigations,”he said.

Lochakapong pointed out that much relative peace was prevailing in the area.

“Many businesses were booming, there was free movement of people, peaceful coexistence and farming,”he said.

Marakwet East Member of Parliament Kaangogo Bowen called on the security team in the area to be proactive and respond to any attacks.

Bowen said that cattle rustlers who will be found will be forced to pay double the stolen animals.

“Days for criminals are now numbered .We will not spare any criminal .They must repent now, because we will not defend any criminal, “he said.

He called on residents to take their children to school saying it was the only solution to insecurity witnessed in the area.

“High illiteracy levels are contributing to insecurity. Officers should not fear and have excuses when there is an attack. We have started realizing the fruits of peace in the area. Schools were opened, people sleeping in their houses,” he said.

Locals from both communities faulted the police over sleeping on their job.

Mr. Mathew Korwatum, resident Chesegon said that there is need to put more effort into restoring peace in the area.

Mr. Luka Eyer from Kamsina village cited that the police are very slow in responding to attacks.

“You inform them about a criminal then they ask many questions. Chiefs, peace committees and police need to work together,” he said.

Eyer called on residents not to take revenge in case of an attack.

“We need to review the peace agreement during the 2nd     June meeting,”he said.