KFCB warns filmmakers without licenses;cites national security threat

KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua speaking to the press
KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua

The Kenya Films Classification Board has warned filmmakers who go about their trade without filming licences, revealing that any who will be found will be arrested and prosecuted. Speaking to the press, KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua said the Board has been drawn to numerous incidents of people engaged in filmmaking in the country without obtaining licences from the Board, and that this poses a security risk to the country. “Films can be used by criminals to gather information and navigate targeted spots. Illegal filming in public places must, therefore, not be allowed,” he said. Mutua said the requirement also touches on those filming in the national parks and game reserves, whether by local or foreign crews, adding that there is information that some involved in illegal filming activities are foreigners who come into the country as tourists but end up shooting films without authorization.

He said more than that, such illegal filming activities deny the government much-needed revenue, “These developments are worrying as they can lead to serious security breach and can be abused by criminals to jeopardize national security.” He said apart from the discussions with the Interior Ministry, KFCB have also shared information about such illegal filming activities with the Police IG and Immigration department. “The Board is also working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife to ensure that tourists coming to Kenya do not engage in filming activities without the approval of the Board,” he added.

Mutua pointed out that those who wish to use guns as props should seek approval directly from the Police IG, as KFCB doesn’t grant such approvals. He revealed that the Board is in the process of compiling data on the film sector to ensure that bonafide filmmakers and photographers in Kenya are documented for purposes of policy decisions as well as to aid in enhancing security in the country.