Mother appeals for help after son alleges he has joined Al Shabaab

Ms. Sarah Khalamwa when she spoke to West Media
Ms. Sarah Khalamwa when she spoke to West Media

A woman from Mwambuli village in Chekalini location Lugari Sub County is appealing for help to bring back her 19-year-old son whom she alleges has confessed he joined the Al-Shabaab militia group in Somalia. Speaking to West Media Ms. Sarah Khalamwa said her son Denis Akosa left home in February this year in search of employment in Nairobi where he landed a job as a farmhand in Westlands and for the last three months he’s been sending some cash for her upkeep.

However, she said she was shocked when her son rang her last weekend and informed her that he was already in Somalia where he had joined the militia group and alleged he had tied down a contract for 20 years.

“As a single parent from a humble background, I’ve been through hell in bringing up my children and I almost fainted when I heard my beloved son who is my last born had joined Al Shabaab,” said Ms. Khalamwa.

She said when his elder brothers tried to inquire more about his whereabouts, he
told them to keep off before hanging up.

Ms. Khalamwa says for the last six days she has been trying to reach her son in vain “Sometimes when the phone is on it goes unanswered,” said the distressed mother. She is now appealing for the government’s intervention to help persuade her son to come back home. “I urge the government to help trace the perpetrator who is behind my son’s move to Somalia,” she added.