Kibunguchy says health functions should be reverted to the national government

Likuyani MP Dr. Enoch Kibunguchy when he spoke to the media

Likuyani MP Dr. Enoch Kibunguchy wants health services to be reverted back to the national government to ensure there is proper management.

Speaking in his constituency Kibunguchy said the government must put the health of its citizens first by ensuring the sector is well managed to offer quality services at all levels.

He regretted the poor working conditions that medical officers are being subjected to under County governments leading to regular strike notices.

“I think we made a very big mistake by devolving health functions because Counties have proved they are unable to handle it. We must go back to the drawing board and ensure the health function are taken back to the national government,” said Kibunguchy adding that the issue should be factored in the BBI report.

Dr. Kibunguchy said the mayhem in the health sector could worsen if Counties are left continue running the sector.

“Having 48 employers for health workers cannot work, Counties should just let it go for the sake of Kenyans,” said Kibunguchy.

This comes after nurses and doctors issued a strike notice citing poor working conditions during this COVID -19 pandemic.

Dr. Kibunguchy contends that things will fall in place once health goes back to the central government.

“It will be easy for the CS to look into health matters and handle things before getting out of hand to avert strikes,” he said.

The legislator has also proposed the formation of a health workers commission that will address medical staff’s issues.

“Like the Teachers Service Commission we should also have Health Service Commission to look into medics matters,” he said.

Elsewhere the MP has appealed for thorough investigation into the KEMSA scandal and ensures those behind the fraud at the Ministry of Health face the full wrath of law.