Kibunguchy urges Kenyans to elect peace loving and development conscious president

Dr. Kibunguchy addressing mourners at Mbanacho village
Dr. Kibunguchy addressing mourners at Mbanacho village

As the 2022 general election draws near, Kenyans have been urged to make a wise decision by electing to power president who will be able to unite the country and revive the ailing economy.

Addressing mourners during the burial of Cecilia Okuyumba Khaemba in Mbanacho village, Likuyani ward, area MP Dr. Enoch Wamalwa Kibunguchy said Kenya needs development conscious and peace loving leader who will bring together all tribes without discriminating anyone.

Dr. Kibunguchy said only One Kenya Alliance (OKA) has leaders who are committed to improving the economy, uniting Kenyans and liberating the population from poverty.

Drumming support for Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Wycliffe Musalia  Mudavadi, Kibunguchy said he is the better option that Kenya needs warning electorates  against electing a president who would make life more difficult.

“Currently almost half of Kenyans  love  Raila Odinga so much and the other half hate him with passion, and I have seen the same being applied to deputy president Dr. William Ruto, there are Kenyan who love him so much and there those who also hate him so much. The only unifying factor we have is Musalia Mudavadi,” said Dr. Kibunguchy

He said apart from uniting Kenyans, Mudavadi who is an economist will be able to revive the country’s crumbling economy.

Dr. Kibunguchy addressing mourners at Mbanacho village
Dr. Kibunguchy addressing mourners at Mbanacho village

“From where we sit the most challenge Kenyans are facing is the ailing economy which is also reeling under heavy public debt. Going forward, the livelihoods of Kenyan people will definitely be threatened and therefore the government that comes in must be that which will ease pressure under urgent attention to this issue of economic recovery and that can be achieved under a Musalia Mudavadi presidency,” said Dr. Kibunguchy.

However he said if Mudavadi will not be on the ballot then he will support Dr. William Ruto whom he said is better off than his competitor ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

“If Mudavadi not given chance to be the  OKA flag bearer then my plan B is to support Dr. William Samoei Ruto who according to me will lead this country better than Raila,” concluded Kibunguchy.