Kimilili MP to phase out grass thatched houses in his constituency

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa (centre) has pledged to phase out grass thatched houses to help residents
Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa (centre) has pledged to phase out grass thatched houses to help residents

Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Wekesa Barasa has vowed to help people living in grass thatched houses by setting up iron sheet houses to replace them so that they can live more comfortable lives.

Speaking in Kibingei ward, Khwiroro village at the home of Tobias Nyongesa, one of the residents he has helped, the MP said he is aiming to phase out all grass thatched houses as his main mandate as their leader is to improve their living standards.

He added that so far he has constructed 243 houses for the residents and he will construct 42 more, saying having been born and brought up from a humble background he understands what the ordinary citizen is going through at the grass root level and he has to uplift their lives. “The project had an approximate budget of Kshs 2.6 million which is my own initiative to help people living in deplorable conditions to have a good environment where they will stay and after this I will be initiating another project of water bottling company where the residents will be selling water to the company for bottling as they earn a living” he said.

As the national assembly resumes its sitting today the Kimilili MP called upon members to approve the names of the vetted Cabinet Secretaries to serve in different portfolios saying Kenyans are waiting for services as promised by the Jubilee government.

He challenged members from the opposition side to exercise their duty of keeping the government in check by participating in either endorsing or rejecting the names that will be forwarded to parliament saying absconding will be a disservice to the people who elected them.

He said the constitution is very clear of the roles of opposition and they will not be helping themselves if they decide to stay away from the exercise saying their role will only be felt if they fully participate.

The MP further called upon leaders from the western part of Kenya to work together towards improving the living standards of people rather than trying to outshine each other in political forums saying that will not add value to the people at the grass root level.

He also assured youths who were recruited under the national youth service program to work in the constituency that he will push for the program to be revamped saying it was halted in the whole nation and people should not politicize the issue.