Kiminini MP urges Trans Nzoia MCAs to pass bill legalizing busaa

Kiminini MP Dr. Chris Wamalwa in a past meeting
Kiminini MP Dr. Chris Wamalwa (centre) in a past meeting

Kiminini MP Dr. Chris Wamalwa has appealed to Trans Nzoia MCAs to pass a bill legalizing the brewing of traditional brew ‘busaa’ so that residents can take the brew without fear of police harassment. Speaking during the homecoming ceremony of ODM MCA Obed Mahanga, the Kiminini MP said residents shouldn’t be harassed by police because of the traditional brew.

Wamalwa argued that most residents in rural areas can’t afford alcohol or expensive liquor in bars, and therefore opt for ‘busaa’. “When a rich man will be enjoying his Vodka in a bar, the poor man should also be enjoying his busaa at home,” said Wamalwa.

Furthermore, he urged police to beef up security in the County citing a recent influx of insecurity cases, where locals have been attacked by criminals. Last week, a businessman was shot dead by armed robbers who robbed him and made off with cash. They weren’t arrested and this sparked criticism from residents who questioned the way security issues have been handled in the area.

His sentiments were echoed by Trans Nzoia County assembly speaker Joshua Werunga who called upon the residents to report any acts of lawlessness to the relevant security organs within the County. The Speaker, however, denied allegations from a section of politicians linking him with a plot of impeaching Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba.