Kipchabo tea factory outgrowers resume delivery of tea leaves

Kipchabo tea farmers

Kipchabo tea factory outgrowers have fully resumed delivery of tea leaves to the factory after a fruitful negotiations involving Mandi Governor Stephen Sang, farmers and the factory management surrounding price increments. The solution was unlocked after lengthy 3-day talks, with the factory increasing the price from Kshs 19 to Kshs 24 per kilo of tea leaves delivered.

The factory had cited the falling international market prices as a viable reason to reduce the initial price to Kshs 19 per kilo of tea leaves delivered, prompting protests from farmers. The price was then increased to Kshs 20.50 but this was also opposed, with the farmers protesting for weeks, leading to stalling operations in the factory.

The outgrowers have lauded the efforts of the County leadership led by Governor Stephen Sang along for standing firm and supporting them to ensure the factory increases the tea buying price to a reasonable amount. 
The factory operations which had been blocked for more than three weeks due to the farmers’ plight have now resumed.