Kipkongorwa residents faults county government of Nandi over uncompleted health care center

Kipkongorwa residents on stall Kipkongorwa health care center
Kipkongorwa residents on stall Kipkongorwa health care center

The residents of Kipkongorwa village in Lelmokwo/Ngechek ward, Chesumei constituency Nandi County, have faulted the county government of Nandi through the leadership of Governor Stephen Sang for failing to complete the construction of Kipkongorwa health care center since 2020.

The angry residents led by the project committee chair Mr. Eliud Bett lamented that the leadership of the county government of Nandi have turned a deaf year to their grievances and that they have learnt a lesson and in the next coming general elections they will not make a mistake again of re-electing such leaders but will make their right choices.

“If this facility won’t be accomplished by the end of this year then we will not have any choice but to send all of them home.” They chorused in unison.

Bett cited that the construction works of the facility was supposed to have been completed in the year 2020 but to date nothing has been done as the project has stagnated thus wants the governor to visit the site and see for himself.

He revealed that residents are going through a lot of challenges including travelling as far as Mosiriot to seek health care services using poor roads as road networks in the area are impassable and in pathetic state.

He added that their leaders have failed them terribly and come 2022 as residents of the entire ward will make the right choices of electing their best leaders with good track records.

Efforts to reach the county government of Nandi over the claims proved futile after our phones were unanswered.