Kipsakiat bridge in Tinderet, Nandi destroyed following heavy rainfall

Heavy rainfall destroyed Kipsakiat bridge
Heavy rainfall destroyed Kipsakiat bridge

Transport has been paralysed in Tindiret, Nandi County, after a bridge connecting three villages and the entire Kapsimotwo ward in Nandi hills constituency was swept away following heavy downpour. Kipsakiat bridge connects Kapsoito, Kipteiga, Kipsisin in Owiro and Kapsimotwo ward.

The heavy rainfall has caused havoc in Tindiret and its environs especially for those living in sloppy areas. Crops have also been destroyed following the three-week heavy downpour in the region.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has urged residents living in landslides and flood prone areas to immediately vacate to safer places to avoid the loss of lives. Governor Sang also asked residents living near rivers and dams to consider their safety by moving to more safer grounds.
He noted that there have been no deaths in Nandi County despite the heavy rainfall.