KNUT official castigates AG’s dismissal of lower students entry grades

Attorney General Paul Kariuki Kihara
Attorney General Paul Kariuki Kihara

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) West Pokot Branch boss has castigated the Attorney General Kihara Kariuki’s advisory order to dismiss the Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed’s directive to lower entry grades for students joining the Teachers Training Colleges. The AG argued the CS did not have the mandate to issue such a directive.

However, the union officials in the County led by West Pokot Branch KNUT Secretary Mr. Martin Sembelo defended the directive saying the new framework would boost the number of teachers in marginalized regions.

They also slammed the Teachers Service Commission and Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers for opposing the proposal adding that those who are against the proposal are misleading Kenyans.

Sembelo said marginalized Counties have been facing a shortage of teachers for a very long time since teachers from other regions are not willing to teach in the region.

“We were perturbed and surprised by the Attorney General and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). The grade is still viable for marginalized nomadic communities,” he said.

The KNUT official applauded the Education Ministry for lowering entry grades to students joining teachers training college saying it will help address the issue of teachers shortage in the country. “Many Counties were marginalized and it will take more than 50 years to be like other Counties,” said Sembelo.

Speaking to the press in Kapenguria, Sembelo urged residents in the County to enroll in the teaching profession in large numbers. “They need to register with the County Education Director with maximum speed with minimum delay to acquire the positions,” he said.