KNUT official warns over political interference in learning institutions

West Pokot KNUT secretary Martin Sembelo (second left)
West Pokot KNUT secretary Martin Sembelo (second left)

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) West Pokot branch secretary Martin Sembelo has warned leaders against political interference in learning institutions in the North Rift region. The Union officials have threatened to remove all teachers who have been affected by interference from leaders and parents from the schools.

Sembelo issued a stern warning to parents, politicians and area leaders to stop meddling in school affairs saying cases of parents and politicians interfering with education matters are high in the region. He urged them to keep politics off the school premises to help raise the education standard in the area. “Don’t interfere with schools and give the learners peace,” he said, “Let them learn and pray for them that God may give them what he planned for them.”

Speaking in Kapenguria, Sembelo singled out schools in Sook area, where several cases of meddling have been reported. He said many institutions were struggling to compete globally due to the state of politically-directed teachers.

He urged parents and politicians to be solution givers rather than being impediments to the delivery of quality education. “Even if the school did not perform well, leave it. We need calm in learning institutions, and let’s just help them and support them morally.” He urged the boards of management in schools to discourage politics and entertaining the same in learning institutions.

He further urged political and religious leaders to make an effort towards establishing peace in the region, “There’ll be no education without peace, learning will not go on if the insecurity persists.”