KPSWU hails President Uhuru for 12 percent wage increment

The Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Secretary General Isaac Andabwa addressing Lugari residents
The Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Secretary General Isaac Andabwa addressing Lugari residents

Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Secretary General, Isaac Andabwa has thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta for announcing 12 percent minimum wage increase for Kenyan workers to cushion them against further bites of weakening Kenyan shilling.

Andabwa while speaking in Lugari,  said the President understand the pain Kenyan workers are undergoing while purchasing basic goods with their little wages.

He regretted that sudden rise in cost of living due to increased inflation from 5 to 6 percent had made life difficult for most Kenyans and that the President saw it necessary to cushion workers through hiked minimum wage of 12 percent.

Andabwa who is also seeking to be elected as Lugari Constituency Member of Parliament in August General Election noted that for the last two years Covid-19 ruined Kenyan economy and other parts of the world which resulted to job loses, salary cuts and immeasurable general suffering among the workers.

“I thank you the President for what you have done for working Kenyans, even if its small increase but you have demonstrated deep interest you have for Kenyan workers,” Andabwa said.

The KNPSWU Secretary General however asked Kenyan employers to comply with Presidents directive of 1st May, 2022 by effecting wage increase.

Andabwa pointed out private security firms where he represents that they are always hesitant to honor set minimum wage increment.

“Even the last 18 percent minimum wage increment which we were given sometimes back, most of my workers whom I represent have not benefited,” Andabwa revealed.

Andabwa called on the Private Security Regulatory Authority CEO Fazul Mohammed to ensure private security firms comply with President Uhuru Kenyatta directive.

He said enforcement of security regulation Act 2016 and mandatory of enforcement of minimum wage base for all private security providers was necessary.

While celebrating this year’s Labour Day at Nyayo National Stadium on Sunday, the President in his speech noted that for past three years there has been no review of the minimum wages with the increased cost of living.

The President assured workers, farmers and general Kenyans that the government had taken sustainable measures to cushion them against global cost of living