I’m a serious Presidential candidate, says Kukubo

Nixon Kukubo (right) is an Independent Presidential Candidate

The 2017 General Elections are in the offing, just less than three months away. Top on the tongues of the majority of voters, analysts and other stakeholders is the description that this year’s election is a two horse race as far as the Presidency is concerned. There is no doubt to expand on the same as it is evident that the two men who have been riding on the headlines for a while now–Jubilee’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA’s Raila Odinga –will tussle it out for the country’s top most job. Someone, however, has a totally different opinion altogether. The Presidency is his to lose, despite the fact that he is regarded by many as little known. Nixon Jeremiah Kukubo, from Sirisia, Bungoma County is having his second shot at The Presidency, and is optimistic that this time round, it is now or never.

Kukubo, vying for the seat as an independent candidate, shares in the plight that has befallen Kenyans lately–ranging from the high cost of living and the worrying standards of corruption that have been the highlight of Jubilee administration and the previous governments-believing that his Presidency presented a solution to the myriad challenges.

The former KDF soldier doesn’t spare the NASA coalition either, claiming that he was the only contender to be trusted with Kenyans votes.

“The ordinary Kenyan has got nothing to smile about currently in both ruling and opposition pacts,” the former musician states.

“Kenyans have suffered enough and they need a Kukubo deliverance, an answer to their woes and struggles under the Jubilee administration,” he adds.

The former Presidential aspirant, who garnered an impressive 5927 votes in the disputed 2007 General elections shows on a brave face, daring President Kenyatta and former PM Raila Odinga, who he promises an overwhelming defeat in the forthcoming election.

“I might not have the financial muscle that some of my competitors possess but to me all that is vanity as the hungry Kenyan has the final say. I will floor all of them and I am optimistic that is possible with the massive support I receive when I move around,” he said.

It remains to be seen if Kukubo could pull a Macron in the coming General Elections. Time will tell.