Kulisiru primary school closed down due to lack of latrines

Kulisiru primary school
Kulisiru primary school

Learning has been halted at Kulisiru primary school in Sirisia Sub County after the school was closed down by public health officers due to a lack of latrines.

Speaking to West Fm after the closure of the school, deputy head teacher Mr. Hussein Manyur Kassim said their new and old latrines sunk one week ago due to heavy rains.

“Our latrines were destroyed last week and we can’t keep a thousand pupils in the school compound, that’s why we have decided to release them,” said Mr. Hussein.

He added that Kulisiru has been performing very well and had attracted pupils from other regions like Mt Elgon and Bumula who were boarding in the school.

School chairman Mr. Joseph Biketi said their effort to get aid from Constituency Development Fund hasn’t been productive since the year 2015 while neighbouring schools get the money every year.

“The last time, our school benefited from CDF money was in 2015 and it was only Kshs 250, 000 since then we’ve tried to write proposals but we don’t get the desired outcome, that’s why the school is in this state,” said Mr. Biketi.

The school's latrines have been affected by the heavy rains
The school’s latrines have been affected by the heavy rains

Mr. Biketi added that apart from latrines the school also doesn’t have enough classrooms to host a big number of children, forcing some pupils to learn from outside which is hard especially during this rainy season.


The pupils and parents were shocked after the school closed down, and have appealed to well-wishers, Non-Governmental organizations, national government and County government to intervene and deal with the situation so that the school can continue with its operations.