Leaders at loggerheads over plans to impeach Trans Nzoia Governor

Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba (right) has rubbished the plans to impeach him
Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba (right) has rubbished the plans to impeach him

A war of words has erupted pitting Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick
Khaemba, speaker for Trans Nzoia County Assembly speaker Joshua Werunga, Assembly majority leader Patrick Kisiero and the minority
leader Emmanuel Waswa against Hospital Ward MCA Eric Wafula Mwangale who has already presented a bill in the assembly seeking to impeach Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba.

Speaking during the launch of the Kitale Municipality Charter, the four leaders attacked MCA Eric Wafula Mwangale over the bill seeking to impeach the Governor, saying it will go nowhere.

Hospital ward MCA Eric Wafula is seeking the Governor’s impeachment due to the failure to complete some projects he initiated seven years ago, high level of corruption bedeviling the County, as well as inefficient handling of workers’ woes.

Majority leader Kisiero together with the minority leader Emmanuel Waswa claimed that Wafula is being used by external influences intent on derailing Governor Khaemba’s development record and vowed to block the motion, “I’m telling you Governor Khaemba, we have vowed to make sure the bill doesn’t sail through since the one fronting it is being used by forces that want to finish you. We shall not allow that,” said Waswa.

Kisiero said they don’t want leaders who want to derail development
projects, faulting Wafula for coming up with a bill that will derail development if enacted.

On his part, Governor Khaemba rubbished the bill claiming the
aggrieved MCA should seek the necessary channels to air his dissatisfaction instead of rushing with an impeachment call. He defended himself against claims of wrongful use of money allocated for a bus stage construction, adding that there was an issue with the former contractor who downed tools when the project was incomplete.

However, Hospital MCA Eric Wafula Mwangale said no form of
threats will deter him from pushing the motion of no confidence
claiming the aforementioned leaders are being used by the administration to give wrong advice to the Governor concerning the problems facing the County.

Mwangale said the County is in limbo and its leaders led by
Governor Kheamba are sleeping, with corruption rampant. He cited the delayed stage construction, referral hospital construction that has
taken more than five years and the allocation of more than Kshs 170 million for the construction of a new business center in Kitale, noting that the money was wrongfully allocated.

He criticized the minority leader Emmanuel Waswa and the majority leader Patrick Kisiero, who said they’ll ensure the bill doesn’t sail through, saying the two have questionable characters and need to be investigated. He also faulted Speaker Werunga for showing bias. Sspeaker Werunga is a referee and doesn’t need to interfere with the affairs of the assembly,” he said “His utterances concerning the level of corruption within the county are regrettable.”