Leaders join in thanksgiving for ICC case triumph

Political and religious leaders from the North Rift region call for unity and reconciliation as Ruto -Sang cases are terminated by ICC

leaders thanksgiving
Political leaders including governors, a senator and an MP holding hands as they sang during the prayers.

Political and religious leaders from the North Rift region have lauded the recent termination of the cases of crimes against humanity that were facing deputy president William Ruto and radio journalists Joshua Arap Sang and called for unity and reconciliation among Kenyans.

Speaking during interdenominational prayers held at the for the two Kenyans, the leaders led by the host governor Jackson Mandago of Uasin Gishu they said that after all the cases that were facing the six Kenyans including president Uhuru Kenyatta have been terminated at the international court, the move should mark a new dawn to all Kenyans.

“We appreciate that eventually the prayers we went round praying have been answered by God and this victory is for peace, unity and stability of this country hence we urge all Kenyans to remain united regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and keep peace for the sake of development in our country,” said governor Simon Kachapin of West Pokot.

Uasin Gishu governor Jackson Mandago speaking during the prayers.

Trans Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba on his part said that the trial against Ruto and Sang was not at individual level but it was Kenya that was on trial at the ICC.

“It was not a matter of two people but it was for Kenya because Kenya was on trial and as the Bible says lets forget the past and forge ahead especially after coming through fire victoriously like gold that comes out pure after going through the fire,” said Khaemba.

At the same time the host governor whose county government hosted the prayers Jackson Mandago said that the victory at ICC is the foundation of peace that Kenyans have been yearning for hence everybody should embrace peace and reconciliation.

“What God has done for us to enable the termination of the ICC cases against Kenyans is the foundation of peace that we had been seeking for in Kenya and therefore we call upon investors who had feared investing in the country to come and invest because this is a country that is peaceful and God has stood with Kenya,” noted Mandago.

On his part Uasin Gishu senator Isaac Melly also added that the victory at ICC is a new dawn that should be embraced by every Kenyan as the country forges ahead with diverse challenges.

Deputy governors Chemno of Uasin Gishu (R) and Dr. Kenei of Trans Nzoia in a jovial mood during the prayers.

He said that it is now a challenge to elders from different communities especially the Kalenjin to take the responsibility of uniting the leaders who had been divided as a result of the ICC cases and other political and ideological differences.

“Thisis now the new dawn for the community and the entire country and therefore I call upon the elders to take up the remaining task of bringing back our brothers who are out there to come back home and join the rest of the community as we reconcile and forge ahead in unity,” the senator said.

Cherangany legislator Wesley Korir insisted that Kenyan problems should never be handled by a foreign court or foreigners in any aspect but should be left to Kenyans themselves to tackle them.

“The solutions of Kenyan problems will be solved by Kenyans themselves and nobody else from outside will solve our problems and that is what we are telling the world today,” said Korir who was elected on an independent ticket.

The prayers that brought together preachers and men of the cloth from different denominations including Muslims and other groups were led by Bishop Julius Atsanga and reverend Jackson Kosgey who also urged religious leaders to pray for every Kenyan not basing on their ethnic or political affiliations.

Rev Jackson Kosgey as he preached to the crowd during the prayers for deputy president William Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang.

Rev. Kosgey said that the prayers were not held in Eldoret because the two were their kinsmen or are of their community but because they were Kenyans just like any other and deserved prayers.

“Ensure that as a church pray for all people because here we are not praying for the two because they are of our clan or they are from our Kelanjin community but we are praying for them because they are part of the people in the society who also need prayers,” added Rev. Kosgey.

Bishop Atsanga said that the celebrations were as a result of the goodness of God, to celebrate the faithfulness of God who has overseen the two Kenyans get off the hook at the ICC.

The Bishop further urged that Kenyans should now consider how to progress as a nation and give priority to development matters especially after praying for the last seven years that the two Kenyans and other four had been tried at the international court based at The Hague in Netherlands.

“We are here to celebrate the goodness of God, to celebrate the faithfulness of God that He has had upon our two brothers that are now off the hook and now we can consider how to progress as a nation and we can now concentrate on development other than starting prayers for another seven years because it is not easy, Bishop Atsango said as he spoke to the huge crowd.

The prayers were not attended by Ruto and Sang but were represented by some family members including DP Ruto’s elder sister Elizabeth Sirma.

William Ruto and Joshua Sang are expected to attend the national prayers that shall be held in Afraha Stadium in Nakuru on Saturday.

In attendance were other politicians including deputy governors for Uasin Gishu and Trans Nzoia, Kalenjin elders from different counties in the region among many Kenyans from all walks of life.