Leaders criticized over under-development in Western Kenya

Shirugu Mugai ward MCA Leonard Kasaya
Shirugu Mugai ward MCA Leonard Kasaya

Leaders especially elected from Western Kenya have been faulted for not fighting for the development of the region using their positions in the national government as ODM leader Raila Odinga does.

Kakamega County Deputy Speaker who is also MCA for Shirugu Mugai Leonard Soita Kasaya claimed that for a long time rich vote Western Kenya region has been left behind in terms of development despite having many leaders in previous and current governments.

Addressing mourners in Tongaren constituency in Bungoma County Kasaya said for a long time leaders from Western region have wasted a lot of time discussing elusive Luhya unity that has not helped people from the community while other leaders from other regions are busy negotiating for the their part of the national cake.

” We need to have a different conversation about our development agenda here because our sugar industries have collapsed and the only one which is Nzoia is on the knees, other industries like cotton ginnery  in Malakisi, and coffee are no longer there and have made many of our people lose jobs and the economy of the region is ailing, people are suffering yet we have leaders who have been in leadership for many years yet they have never defended their people, the only thing they talk about year in year out is Luhya unity, “expressed Kasaya.

He said he is surprised that the same leaders meet the President every time they visit statehouse and that they never address issues pertaining the community,” what do these leaders say when they meet the President? Do they pick handouts and leave or what do they discuss?” he queried

He also said seemingly leaders from Western region who need to ascend to the State House are not keen and serious and if they are then they need to change the strategy and become more bold and asked Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi to be more serious in his gesture of wanting to become the President because he has the international connections and has what it takes to go for the top seat in the land.

“Dr. Mukhisa you have what it takes to go for a Presidential seat because in our region we have lacked a leader who can give us direction and make us ascend to power and rejuvenate the ailing economy of the Western people,” he added.

He however called on leaders to talk in one voice regardless of the party or affiliations they subscribe to and make sure that the conversation they have with the government is aimed at bringing development in the region instead of fighting for political positions to enrich themselves to the detriment of the Western community.

His sentiments were echoed by Presidential aspirant Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi who said while going through the development that was being taken to Kisumu by the government, Western had nothing and seemed not to be in the government’s plan and said time has come for the leadership of Western Kenya to make sure that one of them ascends to power so that they can also experience development like other regions that have been in power.

Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi
Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi

” We don’t know the power of leadership because we have never been there and we have never tested power but the moment we will protect it jealously as its done by people from Central and Rift Valley because they know what it means for people being in power, “said Dr. Mukhisa.

He was surprised that after Western region voting for Jubilee government and even electing members of Parliament in Jubilee party the region does not have even single Cabinet Secretary adding that Cs Eugene Wamalwa comes from Trans Nzoia County which is in Rift Valley and therefore can’t represent issues of Western people as it were.

He has called on Western region people to rally behind their own in the next general election if they have to realize any meaningful development and said he is ready for the task and implored on other leaders to support him this time round adding that whatever it will take he will be on the ballot and will not joke and  take his people for a ride like others have done in previous general elections where they promise to gunner for presidential position and end up bargaining for lesser positions which can’t help the community.

“I have only one bullet and its aimed at the next general election for Presidential position and nothing less and I present myself to you my people and I appeal to you to walk with me in this journey and I promise I will not let you down, let’s cooperate and use our rich numbers to have a say on the table of leadership because we have been used for a long and our time has come and it is this time, ” said Dr. Mukhisa.