Leaders differ on formation of new counties

Trans Nzoia County Governor George Natembeya
Trans Nzoia County Governor George Natembeya

The intention of Kuria East Member of Parliament on UDA party seeking to table a bill to amend the constitution that proposes the increase of Counties from current 47 to 52 in which new Counties will be capped from existing ones has elicited mixed reactions from leaders from several Counties in which the Counties are expected to be shelved from, among them Trans Nzoia County Governor George Natembeya who has vehemently opposed the move.

He points out that the new Counties will be Kuria, Teso, Mt Elgon, East Pokot and Mwingi that will be capped from the existing Counties like Kuria County will be capped from existing Migori County, Mt Elgon County be capped from Trans Nzoia and Bungoma Counties, East Pokot County from Baringo County and Mwingi County.

However, Governor Natembeya has opposed the move claiming that there will be no part from Trans Nzoia County that will be shelved to create another County stating that the exercise was in futility and that he will never allow.

Natembeya noted that the proposal was being speared by tribal leaders who are hungry to use their tribes to ascend to power through dubious means and that they want to hold their tribes hostage for their tribal gains.

“I will not allow even a single part of my County to be shelved to create another County, we have no time for that, and am warning those behind the scheme that they will fail,” said Natembeya

The County Chief claimed the County is small and will not allow its part to be capped stating that Governors were in a process of expanding Counties through economic bloc called NOREB -North Rift Economic Bloc that covers 8 Counties for better results opposing several
leaders that are pushing for split of existing Counties.

Natembeya however, appealed to all leaders within the County to work together in realization of projects that that they promised residents during campaigns claiming all leaders are duty bound to work together for efficient realization of results.

His sentiments were echoed by the Bukusu Council of Elders led by their chair Ferdinand Wanyisia who has proposed the new County be capped from Sirisia, Kimilli, Kabuchai and Mt Elgon Constituencies of Bungoma County to make one since the County has more Constituencies as
opposed to Trans Nzoia County that has only five Constituencies.

Bukusu Council of Elders chair Ferdinand Wanyisia (center )
Bukusu Council of Elders chair Ferdinand Wanyisia (center )

Wanyisia claims that the proposed County should not be annexed to Trans Nzoia County since the two Counties are not in the same locality as Bungoma and Mt Elgon is in Western province and Trans Nzoia in Rift valley.

They noted that Mt Elgon Constituency was formerly created by the late President Daniel Moi and that the Saboat community has been enjoying a good rapport with the Government stating that the Saboat community has Senator, Woman Representative and Deputy Governor in Trans Nzoia and that Bukusus are not complaining.