Leaders hailed for embracing dialogue over IEBC

Chirs and his mum talking during the funeral of his father

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and the leader of opposition have been thanked for agreeing to meet and solve the stalemate that has been rocking this country for the last few weeks on the IEBC issue.

This remarks were made by COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli during the funeral of the late Mzee John Khisa Mumelo the father of the public relations officer of NSSF Christopher Simiyu Khisa at Mfupi area in Tongaren Constituency.

Francis Atwoli addressing mourners

Atwoli said that the issue of IEBC was very critical to this country had it not been dealt with it would have brought bloodshed in this country adding that the stalemate would have affected the common mwananchi and workers and not the leaders.

He urged the people of Kenya to support the committee fully thanking the president for coming down and agreeing to the talks that were being pushed by the opposition, remarks that were seconded by former MP of Kwanza Dr. Noah Wekesa.

Wekesa also congratulated the president and the leader of opposition for agreeing to resolve the IEBC stalemate.

Wekesa said that it was high time leaders from this country sit together to discuss matters that affect Kenya.

” It isn’t bad for the president and Raila to sit down and have a cup of tea to discuss matters that affect Kenyans. ”

Dr. Noah wekesa addressing mourners
Dr. Noah wekesa addressing mourners

He congratulated Tongaren MP Dr. Esseli Simiyu for being picked among the people who are spearheading the talks on IEBC urging that any resolution they come up with they must follow the law and Kenyans should accept what the committee comes up.

He warned against coalitions selecting new officials who are crooks on political exigencies so as to benefit during the fourth coming general elections but instead select Kenyans who have a heart for this country.

The leaders further said that the Luhya nation is united and the people who are not united are the leaders and that they would do all that it takes as the elderly leaders from this region to  ensure that come next year everyone is in the same basket.

Dr. Wekesa said that the problem that the larger Luhya community was facing was lack of a national leader who would be accepted anywhere across the country saying that if we couldn’t get one then our dreams of ever having a president from this region would continue being a dream.

Tongaren MP Dr. Esseli Simiyu speaking at the finural

Dr. Esseli said that the reason for the demonstrations that they were having each Monday was to bring back confidence to the electoral body and prevent disputed elections in the coming year as a way of having peace in this country.

The leaders mourned the late Mzee John Khisa Mumelo as a disciplinarian, an educationist a guide and a friend.

Dr. Esseli said.” I have lost a friend who I always would run to when I needed advice because he always gave fatherly advice which is rare to find everywhere.

Atwoli said that the late Mzee was a disciplinarian and he knew that from his son Chris Khisa who has worked with Atwoli for over a decade and he was very disciplined.

Nancy Khisa daughter of the late Mzee Khisa

Chris Khisa said that his father was a strict disciplinarian and he taught him Swahili and English which made him become a presenter of KBC for a very long time

Nancy Khisa the last born child of Mzee Khisa said that her father taught by example and his teachings were endless.

“He was strong in body in spirit and commitment, he hated laziness and everyone who knew him said he was straightforward.”  She said.