Leaders in Nairobi decry state of affairs; form caucus to address development

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja
Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja

Leaders from Nairobi County have decried the poor state of affairs in the County, after recent events especially the tussles in the County Assembly. Speaking to the pres son Thursday, the MPs drawn from different parties from different constituencies in Nairobi-George Aladwa, Simba Arati among others-and led by Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja pointed out the poor service delivery in the County. The Nairobi Senator said there should be accountability from the County administration and said millions of shillings have been pumped into the County coffers in the past two years but little change has been seen.

He said approximately Kshs 52.5 billion has been availed for the County in the past two years, drawn from shareable revenue and on source revenue and even grants but it hasn’t been adequately used, “Taps remain dry in the city, garbage remains uncollected, sewage flows freely…residents are resorting to seek health services away from the County health system and dispensaries,” he said. In 2017/2018, he said Nairobi received 26.3 billion, in 2018/2019 the County received 26.2 billion but as of October 2019, no single cent has been used for development according to a report from the office of the controller of budget.

Sakaja added that the urban development sector has also stalled in Nairobi, given that the whole department has been suspended. On the issues facing MCAs, he said they are working with their hands tied as a result of a non functioning executive, bullying and nepotism, “This has made MCAs not to be able to fully exercise their oversight mandate.” The leaders have therefore agreed to form a caucus to address isuses of development. The group will be addressing pertinent issues with Governor Mike Sonko, according to Sakaja.