West Pokot leaders clash over alleged sale of water

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo (centre)
West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo (centre)

West Pokot County leaders have clashed over the alleged sale of water from Turkwel dam, to be channeled to Tullow Oil Company at Ngamia One in the neighboring Turkana County.

Two factions of leaders in the County one led by Kapenguria Member of Parliament Samuel Moroto is at logger heads with another led by area Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo who are said to have a hand in the negotiation of selling the water to Turkana County have differed.

Mr. Moroto, who recently raised concern in a meeting at Turkwel Gorge, saying some leaders weren’t involved in the process. “It is not far and soon we shall know the truth .We want to know who was involved and those behind it should clear the air over the issue. Soon we shall be meeting with Cabinet secretaries of Water and Minerals to tell us the truth,” he said.

Moroto reiterated that he has mobilized professionals in the area who must be incorporated in the process of selling the waters. Endough ward representative, Evanson Lomadunyi dismissed the claims terming them untrue. “Those accusing the Governor of selling the water are not sincere,” he said, adding that if it were so, irrigation projects would’ve already been launched.

However, speaking in Kapenguria, area Governor John Lonyangapuo who was accompanied by Mining CS John Munyes explained the process has not started and will start in 2020. He said that all leaders will be brought on board. “We are at the stage where all leaders will be called for discussions with the national government. We shall sign to know how much money will go to the County government and how much for locals…” he said.

On his side CS Munyes said that the two communities, Pokots and Turkanas, need to sit down and share resources.