Leaders should unite for Mumias Sugar revival

Mumias Sugar Company senior manager Joseph Lubya has been shot dead
Mumias Sugar Company senior manager Joseph Lubya has been shot dead

As Mumias Sugar Company industry is on its right revival track, leaders from Western Kenya have been urged to put aside their political differences and instead work together to ensure that the industry comes back on its previous performance.

Speaking in Mumias East District during a celebration, as it was rated the best district in its performance  said that all political leaders should combine effort and make sure that Mumias Sugar Company delivers as it used to do initially.

Mumias sugar

“The National assembly decided that Mumias gets another 2 billion shillings so it’s upon all of us including the MCA’s and MP’s to push for the money to be brought,” uttered Wangwe.

Wangwe also warned that whoever will be found involving himself/ herself in swindling money from the company will be held responsible lawfully.

“As the national government allocates that amount I want to take this chance to warn the current management of Mumias Sugar Company because there are those who are still involving themselves in craftiness that was there before.” he said.

He also urged the residents and leaders from Western to work together without considering their political parties and added that leadership is in a person but not a party.

“A party is just a party but leadership is in a person that you vote for, the party does not decide on how you will be assisted or accorded help but it is that leader that you choose that will make sure that you get what you deserve,” said Wangwe.