Leaders urged to recognize the less fortunate in society

Arch Bishop Gabriel Imbali at ADC Chekalini/Joseph Amunya West Fm/

Hundreds of Lugari Sub County residents joined the rest of Christians worldwide in celebrating the Christmas holiday by converging at various worshiping places with several speakers urging Kenyans to remember the less fortunate during this festive season.

Addressing the congregation at Chekalini  African Divine Church Arch Bishop Gabriel Imbali, asked Christians all over the country to live the Bible by visiting and donating generously towards the down trodden members of the society including orphans, widows, disabled and the sick.

Arch Bishop Gabriel Imbali at ADC Chekalini/Joseph Amunya West Fm/
Arch Bishop Gabriel Imbali at ADC Chekalini /Joseph Amunya West Fm/


The cleric expressed his bewilderment over what he termed as inhuman nature portrayed by elected leaders, accusing them of consistently neglecting sections of the electorate living in abject poverty.

“It’s inhuman and shocking to witness a bigger percentage of the electorate being haunted to death by pangs of hunger, when ironically the leaders it voted to power are wallowing in bliss,” lamented Bishop Imbali.

On the various economic, political and social challenges currently facing nation, the Bishop urged religious leaders to continue interceding for the Jubilee government, but at the same time apportioned blamed to the never ending wrangles among the political class for problems facing Kenyan citizens.

“I urge our elected leaders to shelve their ideological differences in order to offer plausible solutions to problems in the country and provide better services to wananchi,” appealed the outspoken cleric who predicated political fireworks beginning next year as the country prepares for the next general elections in 2107.

The ADC worshipers at the Chekalin Headquaters /Photo/Joseph Amunya/ West FM
The ADC worshipers at the Chekalini Headquarters/Photo/Joseph Amunya/West FM

The Bishop asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to walk the talk and tame the runaway corruption, which he observed had tainted his administration since ascending to power in 2013.

He lauded members from the Muslim community who saved lives of their Christian colleagues aboard the bus recently attacked by militia attached to outlawed Al-Shabaab group in Mandera.

Elsewhere, patients at Lumakanda Sub County Hospital in Lugari Sub County had reasons to smile after Lumakanda Market Chairperson, Mr. Washington Shivo, visited and donated foodstuffs to them on Christmas

Speaking to the press after donating the foodstuffs, which included drinks, snacks and fruits, Shibo appealed to leaders in the area, especially politicians, to develop a culture of remembering the sick during such occasions.

“Even as we merry outside there with relatives, friends and community, let us not forget that the sick whether at hospital or home also cry out for gestures which make them feel and have a sense of belonging,” said Shibo.

A spot check by West FM revealed the day lacked the sparks that usually accompany it, with a section of interviewed area residents decrying the high cost of living.

Majority of locals chose to remain indoors.