Leaders urged to unite and work for Kenyans

Webuye Muslims
Webuye Muslims

Leaders especially from Bungoma County have been called upon to find a way of solving their differences and work together for the common good of the citizens who elected them in the positions they hold.

Addressing Muslim faithful during the celebrations of Eid-Ul-Fitr in Webuye town mosque, Bungoma county chairman of council of Imams Mr. Abubakar Omar Boyi said the county has lagged behind in terms of development due to political of supremacy between the governor and the county assembly something that has delayed completion of many projects and the voter on the receiving end is suffering a lot and he has called them to cease fire and have a better way of solving their differences.

Abubakar said many important issues have stopped among them employment of village administrators, ECD teachers, completion of Misikhu РBrigadier road among other many issues and yet 2022 is closer and if the battle continues money may be taken back to the treasury before it is used due to court cases and battles between county assembly and the executive wing led by governor Wycliffe Wangamati as he appealed to leaders to stop sideshows and work for the people in the remaining  few months they are left with adding that politics being fueled is not healthy and is creating animosity among people and leaders of Bungoma County who have enjoyed peace and tranquility for many years.

Bungoma county chairman of council of Imams Mr. Abubakar Omar Boyi
Bungoma county chairman of council of Imams Mr. Abubakar Omar Boyi

He appealed to the two sides to follow the rule of law in everything they do as the law is clear on what is supposed to be done.

He lauded the national government and specifically the head of state Uhuru Kenyatta for allowing churches and mosques to operate saying it has helped them to pray for the country and Covid-19 pandemic saying they are confident that the virus will go down and soon the country will normalize its operations.

On the issue of court ruling on BBI, Abubakar said as Muslims, they had not taken any serious stand but hailed the history ruling saying the initiative should be people driven and implored on leaders to engage more and also listen to voices of the people and even those with descending voices to chat the way forward without creating unnecessary political contest.

His sentiments were echoed by other leaders among them Mr. Isaac Wanjekeche who donated foodstuffs on behalf of Steve Kaizer foundation who said Muslims through their prayers had given Kenyans earlier Christmas for praying for the country that had made five bench judges give a sounding ruling that went down well with common people.

Wanjekeche promised that the foundation is ready to partner with mosques and churches to support the less privileged in the society especially in matters education and they are keen that no child stays at home due to lack of fees and emphasized that the foundation will scout out for the students who are not in school especially in Matulo ward and see the best way of supporting them and make sure that they are in school.

” Our friend Steve Kaiser is keen on supporting people in Matulo ward as far as education is concerned and is ready to work with mosques and churches to identify those needy cases that need support,” said Wanjekeche.

He lauded Muslims for praying for the country and being true to their faith even after Covid-19 hit the country and requested them to continue praying for the county and the country at large so that there can be peace and tranquility even as the country approaches 2022 general elections as they have an important role of unifying the country through prayers.

Those who received foodstuffs from Steve Kaiser and other well wishers appreciated the kind gesture towards the less privileged and appealed to leaders and other people in position to follow the path and support them saying sharing is part of the reasons of long month prayers the Muslims go through.