Leave superiority fights and work for people who voted for you

Henry Nyongesa former majority leader of Bungoma County Assembly during the interview on Mumbo FM
Henry Nyongesa former majority leader in the County Assembly of Bungoma during the interview on Mumbo FM

All time conflicts among elected leaders in Bungoma County perhaps may affect their performance as Bungoma residents fail to get required and worthy services.

During an interview on Mumbo FM on Tuesday, former majority leader who is also the former Bumula ward MCA Henry Nyongesa urged all leaders to put aside their political and party differences and work for the residents who voted for them.

“Bungoma County has been all over on media on negative things including superiority fights among leaders, as leaders, residents trusted you to work for them so the fights among you are not important I urge you to stop public confrontations since it is not helpful, it is a bad picture for leaders, put aside party politics and work for the people who elected you,” said Nyongesa

However, he claimed that Ford Kenya leaders have had wrangles all the time therefore wanted leaders who are close to Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to help him work with Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula and other leaders for the sake of Bungoma residents.

“Let Ford Kenya wrangles not affect the performance of the County, I urge leaders close to our Governor to advise him work with the Senator with other leaders so that common mwananchi can get development,” he asserted

The former majority leader asked the leader of majority in the County Assembly of Bungoma Joseph Nyongesa to bring together all MCAs to see that voters get development from the County government of Bungoma.

“My friends who are in the County Assembly, the work of the MCAs is very clear, to represent, oversight and ensure that the resources are well utilized, therefore I urge my friend Nyongesa , you are holding a position I was holding in the last house try to bring together all leaders so that you may have one tune in that our people may not suffer, Bungoma residents are thinking that you people are fighting but you are helping them so the only way is to ensure that all MCAs are speaking the same language so that as you work you are not mistaken that you are engaging in politics under the expense of development of Bungoma people,” he recommended