Legend Brown Igambo laid to rest in Tongareni

Brown was awarded a Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS) award by former president Mwai Kibaki. He worked with the Krieglers commission and also the Saitoti plane crash commission.

Some leaders viewing the body of the legend who succumbed from a road accident injuries

Legend Brown Igambo laid to rest in Tongareni

Leaders from the national assembly have been asked to follow up on the negligence case that led to the sudden demise of Brown Igambo Otuya who was the secretary for administration in charge of administration and finance in the ministry of information, communication and technology

Linet Otuya the widow engulfed by emotions

While addressing mourners in Makhanga village, Tongaren sub-county, Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula told Dr. Bonny Khalwale and Dr. Esseli Simiyu to take up the matter and report the doctor from MP Shah Hospital to the dentist and medical practitioner’s board for gross negligence that led to the death of Brown.

Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula speaking at the funeral

These remarks were seconded by Tongaren Member of Parliament Esseli Simiyu who said that when he visited Brown at MP Shah it was evident that the doctor didn’t know what he was doing and the doctor failed to seek a second opinion early enough before doing several operations on Browns stomach.

Brown was involved in a grisly road accident 29th march 2015 at Salama along Mombasa road while on his way to Mombasa on official duty which led him to sustaining intestinal injuries that led to him being in and out of hospital for a long time time till his death.

Brown was described as a selfless person who worked tirelessly for this country and was well respected by his peers.


His brother Dr. Rev Willis Otuya described Brown as somebody who hated corruption with passion and he believed in doing the right thing remarks that were seconded by Siaya governor Cornel Ratsanga who was a schoolmate and a personal friend to Otuya.

“Brown always warned me against using shortcut as he said one would go nowhere and he would give me real time experiences to prove that.  Ratsanga said. When I was elected as the 1st governor of Siaya county Brown was among the first person to congratulate me.

Joseph Kinyua who is the chief of staff and also secretary to the cabinet said that the civil service had lost a vibrant person who would go out of his way to ensure that the country achieved its goal and he would surely be missed remarks that were echoed by the director general of the communication authority of Kenya Francis Wangusi who said that the ICT ministry had changed greatly since brown joined it.

Brown has been awarded a Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS) from former president Mwai Kibaki and also worked on several commissions and inquiries including the Krieglers commission and also the Saitoti plane crash commission.

Dr Simiyu Esseli greeting Linet Otuya the widow

Further. Senator Wetangula and Dr Esseli assured the people of Tongaren that they are in cord to stay and they would not allow any person to break the coalition

Dr Esseli termed the breaking of CORD coalition as a move that would give jubilee an early victory as he claimed that it was not the bet government as it has not fostered national cohesion and engaged in massive corruption.

Wetangula said that the recent government appointments on several state cooperation’s, and principal  secretaries were evident on the level of tribalism being propagated by the government of the day as only 2 tribes was getting a lion’s share of the appointments yet the country has 42 tribes.

Kakamega senator Dr, Bonny Khalwale asked the president and his deputy to stop mocking the victims of the 2007/2008 post elections violence while conducting a thanksgiving ceremony at afraha stadium on the termination of the case of Ruto and Joshua sang yet the IDPs had not been fully settled .

Khalwale addressing mourners

“After the case being terminated the president and his deputy should have taken all the IDPS and put them in buses and take them back to their lands where they were kicked from since the case has been terminated since their lands are still there instead of buying land and relocating them.”Khalwale said.

“We have seen particular communities being compensated 400,000 shillings yet when it comes to our community they are being given 10,000 shillings and being told they are integrated IDPs which is depicting a wrong picture on our government.” Khalwale added.

“Recently a report was brought to the senate showing that 24 billion had been used to compensate the victims yet 19 billion had been used to compensate 2 communities and only 5 billion shilling was awarded to the other communities.” Wetangula claimed.

Siaya Governor Cornel Ratsanga addressing mourners

Kiminini Member of Parliament Dr. Chris Wamalwa warned the 3 CORD principles that they must follow the due process in selecting the flag bearer which is democratic through the use of delegates as agreed upon insisting that no candidate would be given a direct ticket to be the flag bearer.

Wamalwa further asked kalonzo and Raila to talk to their parliamentarians so that they can stop uttering comments that are disrespectful to Wetangula as recently stated by Siaya senator James Orengo and Machakos senator Johnston Muthama.

Wetangula asked his fellow COIRD principles to give him a chance and become a flag bearer since Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka have been tried and not succeeded in their presidential bid and he believes he has the best chance to finish what the late Kijana Wamalwa started.

MCA for sikhendu ward Andrew Kutitila asked Wetangula to take his time and unite the luhya community after what happened in Kakamega saying that luhya unity would make him a much stronger leader