Leopard cause havoc in Lugari

Some of the carcasses
Some of the carcasses

Residents of Mahemas village in Marakusi sub location, Lugari Sub County  are currently living in fear after a wild animal believed to be a leopard went on the prowl killing domestic livestock.

Speaking to West Media, area residents expressed worries over the destruction caused by the animal in Mr. Moses Ndinya’s farm where three sheep and one goat were killed at night with a cow escaping with injuries.

According to Mr. Ndinya the animal crept into his compound in the wee hours of night before it strangled to death the four animals.

He said nobody knew when the animal invaded his compound saying they were shocked by the sight of  carcasses strewn in the compound when they woke up at about six o’clock in the morning.

“The shocking bit of it is that after killing my sheep, the predator just siphoned their blood only, leaving behind lifeless bodies,” narrated Mr. Ndinya.

Following the incident, desperate residents are calling upon the KWS officials to help trap the animal, noting that they are worried it might continue to cause great havoc if nothing was done.

They said they are not only worried about their livestock but also their own safety and that of their children.