Let’s read the BBI report instead of depending on the political class to come up with the BBI solution

President Uhuru Kenyatta receiving the BI report from the BBI taskforce chairman Senator Yusuf Haji
President Uhuru Kenyatta receiving the BBI report from the BBI taskforce chairman Senator Yusuf Haji. Photo/PSCU

At last, the much awaited Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Report was unveiled on Wednesday. Let those who can read, read the BBI Report thoroughly from the beginning to the end before they jump to conclusions as to whether it is good or bad, half-baked or not, useless or useful.  It’s to be remembered that the BBI Report is just a collection of recommendations by the BBI taskforce team that collected views from a cross section of Kenyans.

The question of what constitutional and legislative initiatives need to be put in place to attain the final wishes of Kenyans after the BBI report has been scrutinized is yet to be agreed upon.  Let nobody jump the gun and ram it down Kenyans throats that BBI is the alpha and omega of the issues–economic, political and social facing the country.

The BBI is just the opening for that engagement. The electorate should be wary of the sly, crafty, crooked politicians who now want to take over the deliberations, discussions, proposals of what needs to be rectified to address the challenges of Project Kenya as a united functioning nation for the majority of its citizens.  The politicians, elected and unelected and public servants remain Kenya’s problem as they mismanage, plunder, waste tax payers resources.  They are the problem and it will be foolish to think a problem can be solved by another problem.

The question you and me must ask over and over is if the BBI report has identified Kenya’s problem or problems or is it another game of smoke and mirrors by the politicians. Let there be robust, candid, fearless deliberations on BBI and beyond BBI as to how to steady and get the correct bearings on governance in Kenya.