ANC secretary general backs lifestyle audit; DP affirms he is ready for audit

Deputy President William Ruto has affirmed he is ready for a lifestyle audit
Deputy President William Ruto has affirmed he is ready for a lifestyle audit

ANC secretary general Barrack Muluka has supported calls for a lifestyle audit on leaders. The idea, which was first floated and backed by President Uhuru Kenyatta has received backing from many quarters in the country, as Kenyans wish to have a more clear look and scrutiny of leaders’ lives and trends. The step is viewed as a major step towards tackling the corruption menace in the country.

Speaking at an ANC delegates meeting in Busia, Muluka said some corruption cartels are known, “We have a context where there are known cases of theft and corruption from individuals we know by name and face who must be arrested,” he said, “We need to have in place a law which paves the way for a lifestyle audit.”

Deputy President William Ruto, speaking at the headteachers’ conference in Mombasa, has come out in support of the lifestyle audit, saying he will be among the first to carry out the audit, “William Ruto will be among the first to submit himself to that exercise,” he said.

However, he noted the close scrutiny he has been subjected to, especially by the media, saying his lifestyle has been extensively analyzed by the media but other leaders haven’t been subjected to the same treatment so far, “The media already have done some work on me, but I expected another leader to be scrutinized the following day but the trend ended after my scrutiny,” he noted.