Likuyani administrator raises concern over teenage pregnancy cases

Musemwa sub location assistant chief Triza Miloya Oyando when she spoke to West Media

Musemwa sub location assistant chief in Likuyani sub county Trizah Miloya Oyando has expressed concern over the increased cases of teenage pregnancies in the area. Speaking to West Media the administrator regretted a recent incident where a 12 year old girl from the area was forced to undergo cesarean section after being unable to deliver normally.

“The girl was unable to deliver in a normal way since her pelvic bones are small and she couldn’t push the baby through,” said Mrs. Oyando.

She said the perpetrator of the vice should be traced and legal action instituted against him for exposing the young girl to danger.

At the same time she regretted that currently there are six teenagers in her village aged between 11 to 15 years who are pregnant.

Calling on parents, security apparatus to work hand in hand in fighting the vice, the local administrator said teenage pregnancy is a serious issue that takes a toll on a girl’s health, education and rights, with some of them suffering the gravest long term health and social consequences from pregnancy, including high rates of maternal death and obstetric fistula.

She urged parents to take up their responsibilities seriously and talk to their children openly.

She said teenagers are very vulnerable to change and information and therefore parents should not shy away and let other people take up their role of nurturing.

 “I know sex talk is still considered a taboo by many parents but our children are exposed to many things that need our guidance for them to live responsibly. If as a parent I don’t provide my son or daughter with the right information about the changes they experience as adolescents then they will seek information from the wrong people or sources who will later take advantage of their situation,” said Mrs. Oyando.