Likuyani Boys High Schools closed after students went on rampage

St. John's the Baptist Likuyani Boys High school
Likuyani Boys High Schools closed after students went on rampage.

St. John’s Baptist Likuyani Boys High School in Likuyani sub-county has partly closed after students went on rampage over the weekend.
The students lamented over the unhygienic environment in which the food was being prepared and served at the institution.

They also alleged that they were being sold expired items at the school canteen at an exorbitant price. The students said despite raising complaints to the school management they have been ignored thus forcing them to go on strike as the only way they could be heard and their grievances addressed.

The striking students broke window panes on the dining hall and computer laboratory before police officers were called and dispersed them by lobbing teargas canisters at them.

The Likuyani sub-county security team and the school management spend a great part of the Sunday afternoon in a closed-door meeting before they agreed to sent form one to form three students home until next week as form four candidates were left to prepare for the examinations.

Parents and journalists were barred from entering the school with the school authority and security team declining to comment on the incident.