Likuyani MP urges the government to reopen churches

Likuyani MP Dr. Enoch Kibunguchy

Likuyani MP Dr. Enoch Wamalwa Kibunguchy has castigated the government’s move to reopen restaurants instead of reopening churches.

Speaking in his constituency Kibunguchy termed the move as a misplaced priority saying the government should have started by reopening of churches before anything else noting that the country needs to call on God now more than before.

“We need God’s healing,  people can prepare food in their houses and carry it to work but first of all we need to reopen houses of worship,” said Kibunguchy.

The MP urged the government to work closely with the church to curb the spread of contagious coronavirus.

“I am a very big medical doctor but if I go to the theatre and attend to a patient without God saying he or she be healed, then he or she will definitely die. So let the government not assume that it can ignore God and expect miracles to happen,” said Kibunguchy adding that if people humble themselves before God He will hear them.

He said apart from offering prayers, the church provides a good platform for the government to create awareness on the dangers of the virus and ways to avert its spread.

“The church can play a vital role in helping the nation to fight the spread of the pandemic,” said the MP.

He urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to lift the ban and allow churches to conduct services in shifts of even 5 to 10 members as they observe Ministry of Health’s guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

He also condemned the harassment meted out on a number of religious leaders found praying alone in their churches saying it was uncalled for urging the government to uphold the freedom of worship.