LIkuyani MP’s mother dies hours after his uncle passes on

Mama Dina's son, Likuyani MP Dr. Enock Kibunguchy

Grief has gripped former western province following death of Likuyani Member of Parliament, Dr. Enoch Kibunguchy’s mother and uncle who passed on, the same day.

News about the deaths of Mama Dina Nasike Kibunguchy and Mr. Hillary Wafula was received in shock by residents of western region, particularly Bungoma, Kakamega and Trans Nzoia counties, with many describing it as a double blow to the Kibunguchy family.

Briefing the press on Monday, a composed Kibunguchy gave an account of events leading to the deaths of his mother and uncle.

Mama Dina’s son, Likuyani MP Dr. Enock Kibunguchy

“Our mother’s death was expected, but our uncle’s case was
purely untimely,” said Kibunguchy.

The legislator’s uncle was the first to succumb to heart attack on Sunday at about 6am upon receiving news that the condition of his sister, who was at Eldoret Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU),was worsening.

According to the MP, the uncle developed heart attack while on his Bidii Farm in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County and passed on before arriving at Chereng’any Hospital where he was being rushed for treatment.

“Prior to his death my uncle had not shown any signs of sickness. We, however, strongly believe news about his sister’s worsening condition at the hospital triggered the heart attack that led to his demise,” explained Kibunguchy.

Until his death, Wafula was a famous farmer who owned Bidii Farm in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County.

Mama Dina’s son, Likuyani MP Dr. Enock Kibunguchy

According to Kibunguchy, his 88 year old mother had been in and out of hospital, ailing from a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke for the last three years.

“Mama Dina has been under medication for the last three years, but her condition worsened last Thursday before she was rushed to Eldoret Hospital where she finally passed away on Sunday at midday,” the MP disclosed.

Mama Dina was a famous business woman in Webuye Sub County, Bungoma County.

In fact, the famous Mama Dina Junction in Webuye town was named after the deceased.

“That was the very place where our mother single handedly ventured into entrepreneurship, starting from a mere kiosk that later grew and expanded to a mega enterprise,” recalled Kibunguchy, adding that the mother successfully managed a transportation business, which saw her own several Lorries.

Mama Dina’s son, Likuyani MP Dr. Enock Kibunguchy

Besides, commercial activities that earned Mama Dina high level reputation, she will also be remembered for her role in shaping political landscape of Bungoma county and western region at large.

“Leading political luminaries in Bungoma County, among them late Elijah Mwangale, Michael Kijana Wamalwa and Joash Wamang’oli went to parliament after passing through Mama Dina’s hands,” recounted Kibunguchy.

The legislator told journalists that burial arrangements for the two were on course.

“According to the tentative schedule we have prepared, the two will be buried on separate dates,” noted Kibunguchy.

The uncle will be buried on 27th August at his Bidii Farm in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County, while the send off for Mama Dina has been slated for 3rd September at her Brigadier farm in Bungoma County.