Likuyani pastor arrested after flouting gathering rule, claims ability to heal Coronavirus

Leaders and members of the Isra ya Yesu church boarding a police vehicle
Leaders and members of the Isra ya Yesu church boarding a police vehicle

A bishop who claims to have powers to heal the deadly coronavirus was arrested together with her followers after they were found conducting church service at Mukatia village, Namunyiri sub location in Likuyani sub county.

Confirming the incident Namunyiri sub location assistant chief Miss Caroline Vugutsa said after receiving information about the service she led police officers from Matunda police station to the scene where they found  bishop Janet Kayeli of the  “Isra ya Yesu” church together with pastor Susan Simiyu conducting the service with a congregation of about twenty faithful present contrary to the government directive to ban crowds as a measure to curb the spread of Corona virus

Miss Vugatsa said they were amazement when Kayeli informed them that God had disclosed to her about corona virus last year and that she was praying and anointing her followers to save them from the killer virus.

“I am covering my followers so that they cannot be infected by corona virus,” Kayeli told police officers.

She further urged the officers to take her to Corona positive patients so that she can pray and heal them warning that God has again revealed to her that there is another deadlier pandemic than Corona awaiting the world.

Kayeli together with seven members of her congregation were arrested and taken to Matunda police station as the rest managed to escape. The eight were warned against contravening government directives before they were released on Monday evening.

Miss Vugutsa has sent a stern warning to the residents against disobeying government directives to curb the spread of Coronavirus and endangering their lives and that of their loved ones. “Let us all obey the government directives for the sake of our on safety and that of our families. Anyone who will be found going against the guidelines will be dealt with according to the law,” warned Vugutsa.