Linturi,Lusaka attend FAO council meeting in a bid to seek partners for food security

Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka in Rome, Italy
Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka in Rome, Italy
Agriculture and Livestock Cabinet Secretary Minthika Linturi together with Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka are in Rome Italy attending the 171st Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) council meeting.
Lusaka is attending in his capacity as the Chair of Agriculture in the Council of Governors-Kenya.
Top on the agenda is the integrated water resource management for food security and climate resilience among other things.
“As a council of governors we endeavor to ensure a food secure country in the most affordable and qualitative sense hence the need to seek partners and other players in the same,” said Lusaka.
The Governor further noted that Kenya has over 4.5 million people who are already facing starvation with the situation expected to get worse if it is not addressed.
“Agriculture being a devolved function, Counties should find innovative ways and partnerships that address food security decisively,” he added
Bungoma County is already working together with development partners led by FAO in piloting the Kenya Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (KIAMIS) in Agriculture sector and the National Land Information Systems (NLIMS) in the land sub-sector.
“We are also working with FAO in addressing Climate Change effects and increasing food production and productivity having successfully passed the climate change bill in our assembly,”cited Bungoma boss