Liverpool now worried about the title race


The English Premier League title holders Liverpool now has all the reasons to worry about the title race after suffering a defeat in their match against Burnley yesterday night. The title clearly seems to be slipping away with Liverpool now at fourth place of the table. They had recently also failed to grab three points after suffering a draw with the current league leaders Man Utd forcing them to share a point each.

As it stands, Liverpool have gone four back-to-back matches without scoring for the first time since 2000. Liverpool had 27 clear shots on target during yesterday’s match in the entire 90 minutes, none of which materialized making them suffer a home defeat after a 68-game unbeaten record at Anfield.

Ashley Barnes celebrating his goal against Liverpool

Barnley disappointed their home unbeaten run after Ashley Barnes made it 0-1 through a penalty in the 68 minute of the game that saw Burnley grab three clear points.

Liverpool are now 6 points behind the league leaders. Man City are at the second position of the league table with 38 points followed by Leicester City with also 38 points consecutively. Man United recently went back at the top of the table after their well fought defeat against Fulham on Wednesday.