Locals urged to collect Huduma cards

Municipality Chief Charles Namunyu
Municipality Chief Charles Namunyu

Most locals who applied for Huduma cards in Trans Nzoia have not collected the documents giving local chiefs and their assistant’s hard time in distributing the vital documents.

Speaking to the press, Municipality location Chief Charles Namunyu has said that they received more than 900 cards with his office only distributing 271 with claims of most of the applicants not turning up
to collect the cards.

“Most of the cards have not been collected because most of the applicants being from rental houses with this area having the largest slum in Kitale,” said Namunyu

Either it has been revealed that most of the cards were applied by visitors who were on Covid- 19 vacations and have since left.

“Most of the cards were applied by people who were on transit mostly from Bungoma and Nairobi counties making it hard to trace them,”he added

Lack of tracing mechanism has put the chiefs and their assistants in a situation forcing them to implore other ways of reaching out to the hundreds of applicants.

“We will be forced to conduct a door to door search for the applicants with most of the locals being poor, forcing us to visit them late in the night or in the wee hours of the morning so as to reach all those who applied for the documents,” Namunyu suggested

His sentiments were echoed by Bondeni assistant chief Werunga Otunga who added that they were also having cards from other areas sent to them by virtue of the applicants being from the locality.

“I have several cards from people who were born here but relocated, some  of them are very prominent giving us a nightmare of how we will deliver them to the appropriate people  bearing in mind that some people may pick  for unlawful activities due to poor verification process,” noted Otunga.

The two administrators have called for the relevant authorities including the register of persons department to add a phone number clause against an applicant’s name to enable them easily trace the owners of the cards.

“If they could add a phone number it could easily help administrators from slum areas to easily reach the applicants and save us time in reaching out to the applicants,” he proposed

On his part area County Commissioner Sam Ojwang  confirmed the slow uptake of the cards adding that the county had received more than 105 thousand cards forcing him to urge the locals to work with local administrators to identify the owners of the cards being kept in chiefs offices across the county.