Kacheliba MP defends Judiciary over election petition rulings

Kacheliba MP Mark Lomunokol
Kacheliba MP Mark Lomunokol

Kacheliba Member of Parliament Mr. Mark Lomunokol has defended the judiciary over election petition rulings going on in the country. The legislator lauded the Kenyan Courts for their credibility in the recent rulings, saying justice has been affirmed.

Speaking in Kapenguria during celebrations after the Kitale High Court upheld his election after a petitioner, John Lodinyo, filed a case against him citing irregularities, Lomunokol said the ruling showed that he won fairly in the August elections. “I’ve been taken to Court twice now and I have hope in our Courts,” he said.

The MP urged politicians in the country to join forces and in a bid to fast-track development.

He urged County leaders to shun divisive politics and work to improve living standards of the residents. “We need to see development and not wrangles. We should put aside our political differences and work diligently to spur development in the area,” he said.

Lomunokol challenged the County leadership to unite residents in the area saying people need to work together. “Leaders’ unity will contribute to peaceful coexistence with our neighbors,” said Lomunokol.

He pledged to work with all the leaders from the area saying unity and cohesion will ensure there is development in the County.