Lonyangapuo asks politicians to stop spreading rumors over postponement of general elections

Governor Lonyangapuo
Governor Lonyangapuo

West Pokot Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo has asked politicians in the country to stop peddling rumors over an alleged plot to postpone the 2022 general elections.

Governor Lonyangapuo said that the debate going on in the country now might plunge the country into chaos.

This comes after the ruling by the African Court on Human rights in Arusha that gave countries the green light to postpone elections over Covid-19.

There have also been talks that the elections should be delayed   until the proposed Constitutional changes (BBI) are made.

The County boss stated the Independent, Electoral and Boundaries commission [IEBC]   was the only body mandated to give direction on the dates of the election, faulting those who have taken over the work of the commission.

“Let’s not talk on behalf of IEBC. Let’s give the commission time because it has the final say on the issue,”said Prof Lonyangapuo.

Prof Lonyangapuo spoke this at Kanyarkwat when he visited the area to inspect development projects called on those planning for the postponement of the 2022 general elections to come out clear and tell Kenyans the truth.

“We should stop rumors and propaganda over the issue and even if it is true, let it come,” noted Prof Lonyangapuo.

The Governor said that politicians should stop polarizing the country with politics asking to stop political rhetoric.

“We should not set the country on the terrible mode of politics. Let’s not listen to rumors,”he said.

We should not listen to rumors .Let us reduce political temperatures and serve Kenyans for development to be realized .We shall not move from forward with political rhetoric,”he said.

He pointed out that the coming season will see politicians hop from one party to another as the 2022 general elections near.

Prof Lonyangapuo urged Kenyans to heed to the President’s call and shun early politicking.

“We respect as the President says for unity and respect to be realized .A lot of people are going to hop from party to party this season, even us we shall move but not now. Let us prepare but continue working,” he said.

He added saying that politicians should wait till the IEBC announces time to start campaigns.

“When the season comes  we shall do serious campaigns. When the time comes, sing your songs and beat the drums,”he said.