Lonyangapuo-Poghisio war intensifies

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo
West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo

The relationship between the West Pokot Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo and Senate majority leader Samuel Poghisio has gone sour after Lonyangapuo termed Poghisio as an intriguer and propagandist fighting his government. Lonyangapuo claimed that the West Pokot senator has been taking propaganda to the statehouse and has contributed to wrangles in the Kanu Party.

The duo was elected on Kanu ticket in 2017 fall out last year over supremacy battle in controlling Kanu parties issues in the county. The county boss who on Sunday spoke at Nyarkulian area during a funds drive in aid of 13 silk Groups, warned Mr. Poghisyo over plotting evil schemes against him and a witch hunt.

Lonyangapuo claimed that he elevated and helped Poghisyo to be the county senator after which he started war with him.

“He has not appreciated what I did for him. He came crying saying that he wants to join my party and had no reservations,” noted Lonyangapuo.

The Governor said that KANU had died in West Pokot formally adding that the Senate Majority seat was not benefiting the Pokot community.

“Poghisio has left with only three people. They will not again see any elective seat. Let them go home and even a woman can take up the seat. Residents should look for another senate because the majority leader was only but bringing pain in the county,’ he said. He claimed that Mr. Poghisyo has bad spirits and has been on record interfering with county matters.

“We should not accept bad spirits. This is a shame for a tall, black old man to behave in such like manner. We should not accept bad spirits,” he said.

He also faulted Mr. Poghisio who talked ill of him when he recently fell sick.

“What of when they will not be there tomorrow. Many imagined that they will replace me,” said Lonyangapuo.

However, Poghisio who spoke at Ortum, took a swipe at the area Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo who is also from KANU for conspicuously missing at the event presided over by Kanu party leader Gideon Moi saying that as leaders they must tear the party lines and respect the party chairman and that it was wrong for others to throw rubbish at the party that took them to power.

Poghisio maintained that West Pokot is a KANU zone. He said that Lonyangapuo was only playing theatrics after failing to work for Pokot people.